First of all, BRAVO Gasquet! Once again I doubted him for no reason. But in reality it was Djokovic who seems to have emptied every little electron in his battery. He needs some re-charging. Against Ferrer, there were indications of him being pretty much done energy-wise. Today it became obvious. Probably played just a little too much this year, especially in the fall. Tough matches throughout Wimby and USO did not help him either. Two lost matches, 0-4 in sets… he needs an injury on another player to get through. I say go and start organizing your packing.

And then the soap drama; Davydenko will NOT be fined after all. ATP has admitted that they did a mistake in their analysis of the Cilic match and clears his name all the way. Everything about this case smells bad. Something tells me we have not been told everything and it’s really just a stupid case; not one good thing came out of it. Tennis is an individual sport and placing a frickin’ bet only hurts yourself.

Why not get Nadal and Sharapova for spending between 25 and 40 damn seconds between points? That includes the ball bounce freak Djokovic. I say $1,000 a second. No, dollar is weak… make it €1,000 a second. That in addition to losing the point.
BTW, smashing a racket should be rewarded €1,000. Imagine how much attention tennis gets when players do that! Let Safin do his thing!


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3 Responses to “News….”

  1. cms Says:

    Good for Davydenko… this should give him a big mental boost for the rest of the tournament.

  2. Jimmy Says:

    Don’t think it helps. He’s iceman most of the time. He’s up against Federer, so bye bye Nikolay

  3. backhand Says:

    Right. The rest of the tournament might be tomorrows match. Like I just wrote in the post above, Davydenko just doesn’t have that weapon to annoy Federer. AND Federer just lost. Cannot happen tomorrow.

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