What the hell?! Have the pigs started to fly yet?


Gonzalez d. Federer 3-6, 7-6, 7-5
Didn’t I give this one a 1 in 10 000 in the last post?!!? Damn! I hope at least some lucky bastards had the balls to put some serious cash into this one! I watched through set #2. I was surprised to see Gonzalez up 6-0 in a breaker but I was certain he would not, EVEN with a new breaker, win the match! 10-0 h2h is now very impressive 10-1. I’m just so glad that people who seem to struggle more finally make it against the “GOAT”. Now Federer actually has some real pressure, how is he going to handle it? Give Roddick a bagel to think about? Beat Davdydenko in 30 minutes? Finally a Masters Cup where even the master is challenged!!
Gonzalez gets an A+


Roddick d. Davydenko 6-3, 4-6, 6-2
I said I would be surprised to see Roddick lose a set. And I am. Won the 1st with fair play with a break. Then played ok, while Niko stepped up and made it more difficult for him to close it all up the match. But when Roddick got his break at 4-3, who wins the damn set?! Davydenko broke him twice in two attempts and won in 6-4! It was like Roddick did it so I would not predict the outcome right!! All he did was miss the balls. Serves were weak and spinless and it was like he went from pro to amateur in 1 minute. In the third, he played even better than the 1st and roasted Davyndeko in almost all games. I don’t know if it was a moment of rust that had to be removed or just a mental breakdown. (broke a racket too)
Roddick will not beat Federer if he doesn’t play like in the 3rd set and the 3rd set only.

Now it gets interesting in the red group. Roddick and Gonzalez are in front and in need a quick win to qualify. Will Federer lose one more? Roddick might do it… Davydenko? No way


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4 Responses to “What the hell?! Have the pigs started to fly yet?”

  1. cms Says:

    Do you know how the Round Robin system works in this? In theory, if Davy loses every match and Roddick also beats Gonzalez (assuming Fed wins the rest of his), THREE players would have 2 Wins and 1 Loss each. Who would get the two semi-final spots?

    Here’s the scenario I was thinking of:

    fed-gon – Fed L, Gon W
    rod-dav – Dav L, Rod W

    fed-dav – Fed W, Dav L
    rod-gon – Rod W, Gon L

    rod-fed – Fed W, Rod L
    gon-dav – Gon W, Dav L

    Fed – 2Ws
    Gon – 2Ws
    Rod – 2Ws

  2. backhand Says:

    Table is decided by matches W-L, then by sets W-L, then by games W-L
    With this group, it’s not unlikely that we’ll see how important winning games is in RR matches.

  3. cms Says:

    ah, got it. Thanks!

    So Roddick may regret dropping a set to Davy.

  4. Jimmy Says:

    I still think Federer and Roddick will get through.
    Tomorrow I see Ferrer securing his semi spot and maybe Djokovic can turn things around and make the last match the decider.

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