Monday Action

This match is close in many ways, but in reality it has a favorite. Roddick has 4-0 edge on the Russian and has had a better year than Davydenko. GS wise they’ve both hit SF and Davydenko got more points due to the long run in the FO. But outside GS, Roddick has been better. I think he is a better player and has enough weapons to take out a Davydenko who is still troubled by the match-fixing scandal. In addition, Roddick’s dedication to DC is very big and this represents a good test for the real deal. Plus, fast surface is no prob for Davydenko but a big plus for Roddick.
Prediction: Roddick in two, anything else would be a surprise

Federer has 10 straight victories against all his opponents in red group. 10-0 is the overall count for Fed against Gonzo. Why would he lose? No point in trying to analyze it further. Gonzo must be on top of his game on every single point. His serve needs to be good enough to be unbreakable and his feared forehand must do serious damage. It’s not impossible, but stats are saying chances are like 1-100. Strike that 1-500. 1-10000?
Prediction: Federer


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One Response to “Monday Action”

  1. cms Says:

    so sad, Fed lost!

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