Masters Cup Groups

Red Group
1. R. Federer
4. N. Davydenko
5. A. Roddick
7. F. Gonzalez

Gold Group
2. R. Nadal
3. N. Djokovic
6. D. Ferrer
8. R. Gasquet

Initial thoughts:
Well it’s the old guys against the young guys + Ferrer (semi-young).
From a Federer standpoint he could NOT have gotten a better group. He does NOT lose to Davydenko, he does NOT lose to Roddick (well except for once upon a time) and Gonzo is nowhere near. 3-0 for him.

Davydenko might take Gonzo, but I think Roddick will show who’s the boss prior to the DC final. Roddick should take Gonzalez too I think. So in terms of h2h stats and current forms Federer and Roddick hit the SFs.

In the Golden group the talent smells a long way. Nadal, well as opposed to Roger, is not as lucky with the draw. Djokovic AND Ferrer have beaten him this season. Gasquet is 0-3 down but if he steps up and starts pounding some forehands and backhans at Rafa as he did for 10 minutes against Nalby, he should stand a chance. Djokovic must beat Gasquet (2-0 h2h) and Ferrer.
Djokovic is 2-2 against Ferrer but 2-0 on hard courts. I think that will do.
Nadal wins at least 2 and Djokovic wins at least 2 so, both will qualify. Don’t see Ferrer doing same damage as in USO.

I think based on the matches they will play; Federer wins the damn thing… AGAIN!

One last thing I would like to see, not for Federer fans, but for poor Roddick’s sake… that he will turn those damn match points into GAME, SET, MATCH against Federer this time.

Just to look back at that event… remember I got up and threw the remote at Andy when he hit that smash in the stands.


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One Response to “Masters Cup Groups”

  1. Son of Federer Says:

    That must have been painful for Roddick. Cannot imagine how it is to get match points against a player you have a 1-12 or something record against, and lose it!
    But like you said, Federer will win the title. Maybe Djokovic will be finalist?

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