AMS Paris Final

Nalbandian – Nadal
Two sweaty Spanish-speaking players are going to battle for the title in Paris. Nadal showed some good form before the Cup, but why he started to play well late in the second set, I didn’t understand. Nalbandian has to keep hitting deep groundstrokes on both sides and very between corners and hard hits on center. Seems like a plan to bother Nadal.
Nadal started playing like himself late against Baghdatis, by running down all shots and playing his super effective defense play. I think that might work today against a similar player to Baghdatis and therefore he should take his 2nd HC Masters title for the year.
Nalbandian can also take his 2nd Masters title, but he will have done it in a couple of weeks.

Nalbandian has everything to fight for as the Shanghai list always has some level of uncertainty to it and the 9th place is golden for him if someone pulls out. seems to belive that Roddick might to it to prepare and keep injury-free before the more important Davis Cup final in December. I still think Nadal will take it…but it can be close and entertaining.


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