The downside of 2 or 3 dominant players…

The race to Shanghai is quite exiting, isn’t it? It would be a lot more competition and fighting if there were 8 spots toward the end of the season, not 1 or 2 like we have had for a few weeks now. Federer and Nadal in reality qualified sometime in June, Djokovic was really secure after Wimbledon.

The race for the last spot is really on. Maybe the last two spots, who knows.
Those with a good shot are:
Haas, Robredo, Murray, Berdych, Gasquet and Blake.
Berdych has a good shot, Murray needs to overcome Santoro but really close now, Gasquet can still do it. I think Haas will lose against Youzhny and Youzhny will be in the race if he makes the SF.
I think Gonzo takes the 7th and Murray takes the last one. If not Berdych can do it.

BTW… Santoro is a magician. How effective is that two-handed forehand slice? Wow!
he played great, but Djokovic looked bored and careless at times. Don’t know if the numbers 6-3, 6-2 really means anything to him.


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