Players with potential

Was watching the Youzhny-Clement fight and thought that if Youzhny played his best at all time, he should clearly be in the top 10. The guy seems cool and relaxed on court, but runs into walls to often. Why did he not beat Murray in St. Petersburg? Why isn’t he able to perform like in USO 2006 in every slam?

There are other players on the tour I feel could, and should have been better in terms of results and achievements based on their game.

The first one is Murray. Murray is still young and still has a lot of unused talent. I believe it’s a matter of time before he can challenge the top 3 in every single tournament. Needs to stay injury-free and perhaps work on little things, like footwork details and mental strength.

Gasquet was predicted to be Federer’s big threat back in 04. He was 18 then and “the greatest talent”. Talent is still there, but the ability to perform time after time after time, still a missing link. Wimbledon this year proves what kind of potential he has. And I think he could have done even better.

I’ve mentioned Youzhny who has been playing good in the last few years, but has been on the tour for a long time now. I any case, talent is great, potential is great, ability to perform like a champ every time… no. I more effective serve could help, but mental weakness is still key in my opinion.

Baghdatis. Oh what a great player. This is a player who loves what he’s doing. Talented like heck, complete game on his better days. Lacks results and stability, perhaps therefore confidence. AO was an adventure that ended a little to abrubtly. He IS of top 10 material if can go back to his AO-game.

Verdasco is in the same category as Youzhny. Mid 20s, been around in the ATP for a while. Has the game to challenge the best players, never able to actually pull it off. Mental strength seems once to be the key factor.

Tursunov. Loved the groundstrokes of good “old” Tursunov. For me it’s seems like he has what it takes to be the best, but to mee I don’t see a guy who wants to be champ. I don’t know if anyone else gets that impression. I’m not saying he would not like to win GS, but I have a feeling he doesn’t work quite as hard to obtain these kinds of results.

Then there are players like Lopez, Monfils, Tsonga, Del Potro, Mahut, GULBIS, Ancic++++ who we have seen really play well against the top players, but just aren’t able to perform every time. Many of these are still young and we can just wait for them to bloom, but you never know who will and who won’t.


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