Nalbandian in Madrid better than Djokovic in Montreal?

Think about it. Djokovic was crowned the new great tennis player and has been compared to Federer lately, after he beat Roddick, then Nadal, then Federer on the hard courts of Montreal. Might be the three best hard court players on the tour, right?
Well, Nalbandian can do that today, and it might just be even more impressive. Nadal, then Djokovic, then Federer?

No offense to Djokovic, actually quite the opposite, when I say he is better than Roddick.
Conclusion…? Well, if Nalbandian takes Federer today, he will have topped Djokovic’s achievement from August with an even greater performance.
Yes, you are probably going to say that Djokovic played a Roddick @ his best, a Nadal @ his best, and even Federer @ his best. Don’t think neither Nadal nor Djokovic were at their best here in Madrid. But no excuse! If he makes it.. it will look very good on a piece of paper.
If he makes it, I’m sure beating Federer is far more important than beating the other two “youngsters”.

Really want Nalbandian to win this today!


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