Are you kidding me?!

What I “wanted” to predict would happen…. happened! I just thought Federer had been to damn dominant this week to “yield” his title to Nalbandian. After 30 min of play I was 100% sure that I would be right. Then Nalbandian breaks for the 2nd set, where Federer made more errors than he normally does, and Nalbandian started to hit some sweet winners. Nalbandian’s serve was still a little week after the first two sets.

Then came the third, which statistically had Federer written all over it. Federer continued to place his forehands long and at some point I thought: Is he drunk!?! There were at some point three in a row or something! Nalbandian remained ice cold, which I also excpected to change, and improved his record against Federer to one victory short of a TIE.

The victory is great by itself, but Nalbandian came with no hopes to go this far in Madrid. He has plummeted from 3rd to 25th faster than players who quit. He got to SF in Shanghai last year and ended the year well. This year has been a nightmare for him. 19-17 says it all. Not a top player. Now it’s up at 25-17 after Madrid. Best performance this year is a QF in Barcelona!
There’s a long way from there to winner of Madrid Masters. Not only that. To get the title he had to overcome:
Clement (in 3)
Berdych (in 3)
Del Potro (in 2)
Nadal (in 2 short ones)
Djokovic (in 2)
Federer (in 3)

Only three players have beaten # 1, 2 and 3 consecutively since 1994.
Nalbandian’s should be ranked the 1st of these three. Becker did it in Stockholm in 94 and Djokovic did it in Montreal in August this year. Roddick was actually seeded 3rd there, but Djokovic is almost 2000 points ahead of Roddick and almost twice as many points in the Race.
It doesn’t really matter who did it the best, but any player who has the ice in his stomach to beat the world’s three best players in 3 days deserves all the praise he can get.
Good job, David!


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One Response to “Are you kidding me?!”

  1. A Says:

    Didn’t understand the part with “Only three players have beaten # 1, 2 and 3 consecutively since 1994.” Did it happen a lot before 1994, or did it never occur…?
    Like you have mentioned, Djokovic met Nadal, Roddick and Federer in a time where all were on top of their game. I don’t think Nalbandian met the best Nadal, the best Djokovic and the best Federer. But like you said, on paper it looks good! Might be the best top 3 since late 80s, so it has been noticed I hope!
    BTW… I think Wawrinka takes Basel!

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