Wrapping up

Yesterday for a great day for Nalbandian and a pretty horrible day for Madrid! You’d expect Rafa to be smokin’ all opponents off the court, but there was no smokin’ going on in the QF. He lost 6-1, 6-2, which I believe it’s his worst defeat since 2004? Read it somewhere.

I liked the way Nalbandian moved Nadal, but I think Nadal had a very OFF day. Only 3 winner and errors in the 20s, that’s not the same Nadal who dominanted on HC in spring.

AND! To add to that achievement, he took out the always on the roll Djokovic in straight sets to reach the final. Welcome back Nalbandian! He will have to take on Roger for the title, but he has beaten him before. Actually, he is one of few players with a healthy Head2Head stat against Federer. 8-6. He has lost the last 4, but we all remember the Masters Cup final in 2005!
If we have the 2002-2003 Nalbandian back, I think he can threaten the great Roger, but I don’t know if that’s a possible outcome.

I think Federer takes it in three close sets. But I will be cheering for the underdog.

Another ball girl update:
the ball girls wore baby blue today, and as intended, were the center of attention in the Federer- Kiefer match. On two occasions, two ball girls were almost fighting for the ball, and hence took the player’s attentions. Still to skinny to run quickly, but it seems that they handle the balls pretty well.


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