Only 8 left

Federer – Lopez
Kiefer – Gonzalez
Ancic – Djokovic
Nalbandian – Nadal

Federer did his thing yesterday. No problems against Canas, but Canas is still a good player, he just happened to meet a Federer who was prepared to avoid the unforced errors he made in California and Miami.
Nadal impressed me yesterday. He played very good and did not allow Murray to dominate at all. There were rallies where you just felt sorry for Murray. Nadal always had answers, to rips, spins, drops++++
Kiefer is the definite underdog, and he has a great opportunity to make the SF. Gonzalez is not the Gonzalez we saw in AO, but he is far better than in many other HC tournaments this year.
Instead of picking wins, I’m going to weigh the players in a % chance of winning

Federer 98 – Lopez 2
Kiefer 45 – Gonzalez 55
Ancic 49 – Djokovic 51
Nalbandian 20 – Nadal 80


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2 Responses to “Only 8 left”

  1. Mehen Says:

    Yeah. Ancic looks good but Djokovic returns way better and it’s more like 70-30 in favor Djokovic.
    Nalbandian-Nadal might be closer I think

  2. backhand Says:

    Well now that I know the results….You were probably right. But lets face it, Nadal had an off day, a very off day. At one point in the 2nd he had hit 3 winners and 20-something errors. That’s not the Nadal I know.

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