ATP 2009

Thought I might finally understand the idea behind the changes in the ATP calendar. In 2009 we will see that a marketing-move from the ATP people, ensures that the tour will be more viewer friendly. The top tournaments on the ATP tour will be the Masters 1000 tournaments, which basically is today’s masters series tournaments. They will get 1000 points on the ranking for these. Like this year, 9 of the regular ones + 1 Masters Cup in London. In addition they’ve presented the next category.. the 500 point tournaments.
So far so good for me. I think that making it easier for people who like tennis, but don’t understand an inch of the ranking and point distribution may finally get it. Perhaps some of the good old points where more correct, but lets see if it works. Then there’s the rest, if I understood correctly, will be given 250 points.
My prediction is that it will enchance the popularity of the tournaments where the top players actually play. It has been said that the tournaments already presented for an “upgrade” will invest heavily to make their tournament the best and most popular. This might be a healthy and good move. I don’t understand how the calendar change will affect the problems around travelling from continent to continent in a short amount of time. This will always be the case, so I don’t think major changes is possible to satisfy all players.
Will the top players play more than now? No way. They will stick to Grand Slams and Masters 1000 pimarily, as the latter will be mandatory.
Speaking of which… what about the slams? Will they continue with 1000 points?! That’s insanity. Winning Cincinnati is just as good as winning Wimbledon in terms of ranking pointS?!!
NO! Please! I don’t know this fact for sure, because I have not found a source for this, but since it is ITF and not ATP the changes will not affect the Slams? If you know more than me, please comment. If this is the case, I think it is enough to turn my enthusiasm around and think that status quo is the way to go!


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5 Responses to “ATP 2009”

  1. Travis Says:

    I am sure that money is the big priority with this change. Marketing purpose or not, mo money, mo money. And I think Monte-Carlo should remain in the 1000s category, it’s a beautiful location and a great tournament.

  2. Jurgen Says:

    This is something I am trying to find out too!
    GS cannot be 1000 points! I have seen one other blog mentioning that GS will get 2000, but nothing on ATPtennis and nothing on other more accurate sites! Does anyone know what the plan is?!

  3. rc Says:

    nice blog!


  4. RMSA Says:

    I think it’s a bullshit move from the ATP. They want to raise the money prize, more benefits and incentives for those arranging tournaments. For us it will mean for commercials, less focus on tennis and besides a “better” calendar, no big advantage. I believe they will announce the calendar in Melbourne during the Open, but I’m not sure.

  5. Michelle Says:

    I’ve been asking myself the exact same question! I even asked this question on the official ATP website a few weeks ago, but they still haven’t come up with an answer… Well, what did I expect 😉

    Considering this was posted almost a year ago, did you find out more since then? It can NOT be possible that Masters Series will become equal to Grand Slams rankingwise. Only a complete retard could make such a decision.

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