Bangkok and Mumbai

Top seeds in Bangkok:

Top seeds in Mumbai:

So here we go again with the last couple of months of the 2007 season. It’s the season to be tired and injured usually and this is the time for underdogs to challenge worn out top players. I don’t know if this is a myth or not, but it doesn’t seems to make sense as some of the top 10-20 players play for the last 5 spots on the ATP Race. Djokovic seems to be more motivated than ever going for his 7th career title. Roddick trying to pass Davydenko in both rankings and race to claim the 4th spot, and 24th title in order to pass Nadal’s 23. Hewitt is still up for a Cup spot. He is one of few who can get many points this fall, especially in Madrid and Paris. Gasquet also needs to work hard to get back in the top 10 and get enough points to head to Shanghai. I think these 4 players are a good example of players who really have a shot at Shanghai when they play their best. Djokovic is already qualified and Roddick is not far away, but they still work hard to improve and challenge Federer in November.

Let’s have a look at the draws:
Mumbai – I think that Hewitt and Gasquet will meet in the final. Don’t see major threats. Mathieu may take Hewitt when he decides to play his best, but…. no

Bangkok – And as I am writing this entry, DJOKOVIC HAS PULLED OUT OF BANGKOK. I assume his DC performance took a little too much. I think Roddick will take on either Berdych or Karlovic in the final.


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