Roger vs. Novak


US Open 2007: Who’s is it?
I’m not gonna write an essay about this one. I think Djokovic has a fair chance to repeat the Montreal win. I think he looked surprisingly good against Ferrer, even in the hot conditions he doesn’t seem to enjoy to much. I think he has the game to annoy Federer in making too many errors and it should be a close match rally-wise in any case. However, I think that Federer will take this one in three as well. This beacuse he seems to be able to play better on the most important points in the latter part of the tournament. I was not once worried that he would lose a set against Davydenko. Even almost down 4-1 in the first he seemed to have it under control to a certain level.
Davydenko could have made 2 extremely beautiful winners in Federer’s serve just to be evened out with to easy aces from Roger. That’s what it’s all about. Djokovic must to a certain level be just a tad more tired than his rival so that it shouldn’t last for more than the 3 sets.
Federer d. Djokovic to claim his 4th USO title in a row.


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