Mui impressive! Justine Henin just finished another day at the office with brutal figures against a no-brainer like Kuznetsova. I think their last meeting was on clay in Berlin, where Kuznetsova won in three. There was no doubt who was soon-to-be grand slam winner in the opening set last night. Henin is very dominant at the moment, which we can deduct from this tournament. She got a tough draw for a 1st seed, having to take down both Williams sisters before reaching a final. She did it ALMOST efortlessly, for example compared to Federer who got closer matches and a set down here and there. I think if Henin goes on like this for a few years, she could reach the status of one of the top female players in history. Competition to be the greatest is too hard with players like Navratilova and Graf. But looking at how she plays on her very best, it seems like she has a continued bright future, only at age 25.

Djokovic is continuing to write serbian history with another great performance against Ferrer to take him to the first Serbian grand slam final. In addition, the Djoker is only 20, which means that we have to go back all the way to 1990 to find a younger player in the final. Yeah, yeah.. it’s Sampras. If he goes on like this, who knows where he’ll be in 10 years. Does he have to potential to get a double digit of majors? Could he become the next Federer when he retires?
No claims can really argue against that. The way he plays, and with this awesome consistency (2 GS SF + 1 GS F!!) is nothing but a good indication of how his chances are as of right now.
Just compare him to Federer… where was he at this age? To be exact Federer spent 2001 going from #30 to #13. Not bad, but only 3R of Aussie Open, QF of French, QF of Wimbledon, 4R of US open. To be fair, it’s not that big of a difference, and I think that today’s top 10 is weaker compared to the one we had at the end of 2001. Of course…my opinion.


2 Responses to “Henin=Federer?”

  1. Carlos Says:

    Henin is too old to make a statement now. She cannot make it in the same category as graf and navratilova if that’s what you are tryin go imply

  2. backhand Says:

    Forgot to respond here.

    You are right. Henin will NOT pass those two, but she could certainly get in on the same list IF she goes on for a few more years taking 2 or 3 GS a year. Top 4 women of all time are incredible, top 10 possible for Henin to achieve.

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