Last 4, including the Djoker

If there’s one player who should get the player of the tournament award (if that exists), it must be David Ferrer. Chela has done some destruction on this way to the QF, but was not close to any kind of destruction against Ferrer. I was so sure, it would be at least 4 close sets, but Ferrer has probably gained enough Hard Court confidence so that he can wrap up just a little faster. Djokovic awaits in the SF.

Djokovic.. wow that’s a different nut. He looked close to retiring earlier in the tournament as a result of too much court time in inhuman long and hard battles. Yesterday, a little different. He did not recharge his batteries, it looked like he threw the old ones out and bouth some extra high energy ones that works perfectly. I though Moya was sort of favorite based on Djokovic’s fatigue issues. Disregarding that, this match should have been closer anyway. Moya has played better than this and probably got Djokovic old batteries and over a decade extra age to be sent of in straight sets. Frustrating I assume!
Well the Serbian Djoker seemed to be high on energy after the match as well when he started to entertain the audience with some impersonations. It says that he did Nadal and Sharapova. And from the looks of it I think Sharapova is the most accurate. Here’s a clip of some impersonations.

Djokovic has some competition, Roddick is also a fan of impersonation


2 Responses to “Last 4, including the Djoker”

  1. Maximus Says:

    I would like to see a continuation of the topic

  2. backhand Says:

    I assume you got here with google. Click on my name or the ATP blog logo for the latest entries, or search the archive to find more abut the 07 US Open.

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