Fun’s over… for Roddick

Federer beat Roddick for the 10th consecutive time. Federer holds a lot of sweet records, but this one is kind of incredible too. Especially when looking at what happened in the match. You just have to feel sorry for Andy, who for the first time since.. well who knows, 2004? gets to play around with Federer at the baseline and actually win some points of his groundstrokes. Once again he lost a lot of points on very impressive passing shots from the Swiss.

But the thing that is most impressive is how clean and close to perfection Federer is EVERY time he meets Roddick. It seems as if Roddick brings the best of Federer when they meet. Few unforced errors and making Roddick work overtime for simple points here and there. And when you look and see Roddick on the move to make a great point, taking Federer from side to side, volleying with plenty of spin(s) Federer is able to make that one great response in the rally that stuns all viewers and shows the world why he is the greatest tennis player ever. I have to start agreeing with that beacuse I cannot seems to find another player who could dominate play that easily with any player.

Anyway, it was a close match and the tiebreaks could have gone either way, but they didn’t and it wasn’t completely with lack of logic. Federer came up with that little extra when he needed to, like inhuman returns and answers to every question on the map. For Roddick though, this was probably one of his best matches even losing in those close 2,5 sets. I think he should not continue his demotivation trend, maybe he can turn matchpoints into match at the Masters Cup this year, who knows?

Davydenko is almost getting my vote for #4 spot on the ranking. I would rank Roddick in front, but after completely taking Haas down in a no-brainer is nothing but great. No way will he beat Federer, but defend a SF? I just didn’t see him going this far. Very good job from him. It’s quite interesting to see how he makes his most likely best ranking year with absolutely no titles and last year he made this great run with several titles.

The bottom half is one interesting nut. Chela, Ferrer a USO QF??!? Yes and both players deserve it more than other players. They’ve worked hard even with the “clay courters” label they prevailed time after time in matches where they were underdogs. I think Ferrer is the closer of the two in terms of having the play to get to a Slam SF. He’ll win in 3 or 4. It’s always a battle when two hard hitting “clay courters” meet.

Moya vs. Djokovic. Djokovic just lost to Moya prior to USO. Just mentioning it, because Djokovic is a favorite with lots of fighting willingness as Nadal was sent home by Ferrer. He sees a opportunity to get to his first Slam final and make 2007 a really impressive breakthrough year for him. He’s struggled with pain and fatigue after quite a few long matches. It has been a clear pattern. Same thing happened at Wimbledon, but especially at French with several 5 setters. He’s tired and I was almost seeing him retiring against Monaco. I don’t even dare to predict. Moya wins if Djokovic retires! But I think it’s a 50-50 here.


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