Now the fun starts

There were some who thought that Henin/Serena match should’ve been a final. I think Henin made it pretty clear that there’s a reason why she is the best. 7-6, 6-1 tells me she is perhaps becoming the Federer of WTA in the sense that she may not win EVERY tournament, but when she plays her best tennis, she is quite unbeatable.

Mr. Nadal went DOWN. I don’t know how he takes this loss, but David Ferrer must be filled with confidence right now. Nadal had once again problems with pain here and there but I don’t really feel too sorry for the guy. It’s a fair game, Ferrer won it and the fact that he has a style that wears down his body more than his opponent is just too bad. I think Nadal has to change something and make his game more natural and study some of the elements of Federer’s movement. The way this thing goes, I don’t think Nadal will make another 10 years like this. His body is going to ache more and more and will make it harder for him to improve on faster courts. That’s my uneducated opinion anyway.

Now the fun starts… last year’s final tonight. Or around 2am my time. Will Roddick finally beat Federer?! I’m not so sure. Don’t mean to say that Roddick is not good enough, but I think even Lopez had a better shot to take down Federer. Why? Because after 14 meetings, they know each other well. I think Roddick must, not only play like we saw him against Johansson, but also bring some element of surprise. Roddick has probably tried it all, but I think that he has the game to beat Federer if he can get him out of his element. Key word in my mind is: Returning’s Federer’s serve just slightly better and with more creativity. Especially 2nd serves which Roddick generally has no problems returning in terms of spin and force. He needs to move inside the baseline and attack. I’m no tennis wiz, but surprising him at the net just doesn’t work, and Federer is best at prediction and anticipation so the net play is not a very good idea. I’m gonna root for the American just because I want other people to win titles. AND because somebody should be able to not allow Federer to be in EVERY single Grand Slam final!
Good luck Roddick!


2 Responses to “Now the fun starts”

  1. wtgo Says:

    “Don’t mean to say that Roddick is not good enough,”

    Really? Just how many times does Federer have to beat Roddick before it’s conceded that they are as competitive as Borg and Guerulits? Which is to say THEY ARE IN DIFFERENT CLASSES. If Roddick weren’t the #1 American there wouldn’t be the constant hype every time he plays Federer. Here is a clue for you. RODDICK ISN”T GOOD ENOUGH TO BEAT FEDERER IN A GRAND SLAM EVENT.

  2. backhand Says:

    Remember, this was USO almost 3 months ago. Yes, Federer might be in a his own class and yes he is better than Roddick, I was just saying that it’s not impossible to imagine Roddick beating Federer. And if there’s one player I would like to see kill Federer’s way to another slam final it’s Roddick. He would have had at least 3 more slams if Federer was a golf player.

    + I think he was very close this time. Two breakers and played his best. If he could just learn to hit better approach shots and not come in at any time, he would do even better.

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