Same old Federer

There’s a lot of talk around the draw on the women’s singles and the fact that all the high profile players left are in the top half. I don’t know what the problem is. There was a draw, one in which the top 32 players are seeded. 32!! What more can you do? You have, what 16 qualifiers? Sharapova didn’t make the cut, Hingis is out, Vaidisova is out, Petrova is out… and the list goes on. The fact that Williams x 2 are in one QF each is their low ranking compared to what potential lies in them. So the only problem is that people don’t think it’s “fair” to see two potential finals as QF, and two somewhat 3rd round quality QFs in the bottom half. Well, it was a fair draw where the Americans surely would have prefered to see each Williams sister in separate halfs.

Back to the guys. Again, surprised to see Lopez’s level out there in the first and a half sets. He managed to serve well, giving Roger a hard time most of the time. However, like with Isner, it seems as if Roger’s opponents are only good for a set or so. Lopez was close on taking the 2nd set (if 2 games is close) but then Roger showed who was the man at the most important rallies. To me it seems as if Roger wants to spice things up. Didn’t really seems hopeless in the first set, which he lost 6-3, but still allowed Lopez to break and play around with him to some extent. It seemed as if he wasn’t worried at all. But all props to Lopez! He is sort of a Nadal jr., only older, with a great serve, which Nadal still lacks. Like in most other matches, this was #1 against #60-something and #1 prevailed quite easily if you look at the match as a whole.

Found out that Berdych didn’t retired from injury, but from breathing issues. Sounds scary, but he did frown so it looked like he was hurting or something. Don’t know if it’s a good thing for Roddick, beacause a fair a square win over Berdych would boost his confidence a great deal going in against Federer. Anyway, I still predict Roddick as a great threat, and I really hope for his sake that a repeat of AO doesn’t happen in New York in front of 25000 Americans.

I predicted Davydenko getting some rough treatment from Lee. I couldn’t be more wrong!
He seems to be in control and maybe he actually has a great shot against Haas who probably couldn’t ask for more than a QF. If Davydenko strolls through this one, maybe he actually is a great underachiever Grand Slam wise.

As for the matches today:
Gulbis v. Moya
I think this match will rely on how well Gulbis handles his first 4th round in a couple of tries. If he plays with the same amount of confidence as he has done all week, I can’t see a reason why he shouldn’t win this. Might be close, but I think it’s going in Moya’s favor in many ways, even if it goes to a 5th set. Prediction: Moya

Monaco v. Djokvovic
Isn’t Monaco one of them clay court champs? Well, Chela, Nadal, Ferrer and Moya has joined him into the Last 16 so, I think NO. Match is always open when an underdog meets an overdog. Djokovic seems to be in control so far this tournament so he’ll take it. Monaco has not been given impossible tasks. Thought Hewitt would take him out, but never got to play him. Prediction: Djokovic in 3 close sets

Wawrinka v. Chela
Don’t think a lot of “experts” predicted this match-up for the Last 16. Chela’s impressive win against Ljubicic must be on of his best. Ljubicic is always kind of favorite on fast courts, but Chela has always played even with good hard court players before so this is just taking it a little further than the previous slams. Wawrinka is a big talent still, I think and might give Swiss tennis what it needs to be established as a good tennis nation. I see this going to 5 great sets and I would even predict this as the QF to watch. It’s their GREAT chance to hit QF in a slam, and they know that THIS is the time to do it. Wawrinka’s game is best suited for USO and that’s the only reason why I think he will take it. Prediction: Wawrinka

Ferrer v. Nadal
Ahh… Don’t know if I’m gonna watch this. Nadal will win it because I think the fighter Ferrer won’t show his fighting spirit if Nadal gets an early break and start dominating. A good run on HC after Wimbledon, his best USO performance… I think this is it for him. He’s probably tired, if not physically, mentally after the Nalbandian battle. Prediction: Nadal in 3


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