Sharapova OUT!

This time it’s about the women. Defending champion Sharapova lost against relatively (for me at least) unknown Radwanska from Poland. Can’t say that Sharapova didn’t try, but to see supposedly world # 2 hit so many unforced errors in key rallies is just not normal. She didn’t play all that bad but, when Radwanska chose to give her a piece of her mind, Sharapova looked like she’d swapped places with her to be the 30th seed. Anyway, shouldn’t excpect too much from the young 20! year old Russian who still has a lot of slams to take home in the future.

Federer d. Isner 6-7, 6-2, 6-4, 6-2
Wow! I couldn’t believe what I saw when Isner took the 1st set tie-break. He seemed to have everything Karlovic lacks, the ability to score the MOST important points on own serve. I really liked how he came inside the baseline more often and making Federer run after hard hit shots, again on very important points. I thought; the next set goes to Federer like 6-1 or something, that’s how he works. And so it was, broken too easily and once again in 3rd and a couple more in 4th and done. Hadn’t it been for the 1st set, this looked like a rutine win for Roger, but Isner (world # 400 something a few weeks ago) took a set from him at USO! I can really see Isner improving the next year, ready to make a run at Wimbledon. QF a possibility? Can’t wait

Roddick d. Johansson 6-3, 6-2, 6-0
Thought this was the close match of the day. It was not. For American fans perhaps. I watched Roddick and thought, this is the 2003 Roddick. Remembered the match against Nadal in Indian Wells where, not only did he serve poorly, but his groundstrokes fell short of the service line. Again, against Nadal! That’s suicide. Yesterday, his forehand was finally back. Pushing Johansson back behind the baseline with strong shots that where deep and consistent, both inside-out and cross court fireballs. The pace was just too much for the 32 year old Swede. Impressive display, and I think that if he could get this play against (first Berdych) and the Federer, who knows maybe he actually has a shot at the Federer Open.
Like I’ve written before, “nobody beats Roddick 10 times in a row” (although Federer will most likely do it)


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