Querrey out, Odesnik going strong

Stefan Koubek had apparently no problems in his first round singles match against Querrey. I thought it might be close and a couple of tie-breaks here and there but 7-6, 6-1, 6-1 is not close. Actually Querrey must have showed some home anxiety nervousness. I still think that he could make a good run in the future and close up on top 20.

Wayne Odesnik, ranked 153 has not been a lot in the spotlight but is progressing (I assume) by making the 2nd round, which is best result for him so far. Well I picked Udomchoke from Thailand who I actually enjoyed watching at Wimbledon. He gave Roddick a hard time and obviously gave Odesnik a hard time taking this battle to 5th set tie-break. Luckily for Odesnik and for home fans, he won it 7-2 and is in the 2nd round against Chela, who should give him even more trouble.

Also want to mention a guy who I saw working his a** off all day against smash-serve Karlovic. No easy match and he needed 5 sets to get it, but boy did Clement come up with some good returns and pressure Karlovic into doing all kinds of uncomfortable shots. Poor Karlovic didn’t see that coming. I’ve seen Karlovic serving better than today, but when your’re 173cm and might get the serve in a smash-like path it’s really impressive! Good job Clement!


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