Killer Qualifiers (?)

When I first saw that Federer has a two rounds Qualifier guarantee, I thought that those are simply practice sessions for later thougher matches like Gasquet or Roddick. However! There must be at least one qualifier Federer might see as a threat?! First seed Franc Dancevic has proven himself good enough at this level. What can he hope, L64 or L32? I do not know how they decide who goes where on the drawboard, but I sure hope Dancevic can go in and play Federer in first or second.
Dancevic made the finals at Indy, beating Becker, Del Potro, Roddick on the way, and a couple of weeks later making QF at Montreal AMS. I know Federer doesn’t fear these Qualifiers, and I think that’s where you would want to take out Federer. It’s a clear pattern that Federer plays only ok the first 2, maybe even 3 round, and is ready for tougher opposition later on.

2nd seed Robin Haase is like Dancevic in a critical time I think. It seems like he has played a lot better in the states, taking Safin to 3 sets in Washington. Then beating Berdych in Montreal AND taking Baghdatis to 3 sets. Again, this quy has a chance to advance, I think now it’s the time.

3rd seed Andrei Pavel is a whole other story. (an old one) Pavel is the oldie who still dedicates all his energy into slams. This time around, he must qualify after a non-productive year, but we must remember this is an AMS champion we’re talking about. He should qualify and pose a great threat to any opposition. We remember (and a lot of Americans) last year’s intense 1st round against the retiring Agassi. There were 3 brutal sets decided in breakers and if I remember correctly a fourth set were Agassi took Pavel down for a lesson. This guy will also advance… well if it’s not Federer.


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