US Open draws

First thoughts on the draw..
It seems as Federer gets all the help he can get to claim another US Open title which he is defending for the 3rd time now. Federer will meet qualifiers in his first two matches, which could not have been a better start. Never underestimate the qualifiers, but no qualifier will beat Federer. Federer could meet Isner or Nieminen in 3rd. No threat there.
The only even remote threat that could make him sweat just a bit, is a 4th round encounter with Gasquet. Don’t think Gasquet has a chance, but should be a good match.

Then comes the big loser of the draw. Roddick lost the 4th position to Davydenko and is now seeded 5th, which meant that worst case scenario was to meet Federer earlier than semis. Worst case scenario is not so much a scenario. Roddick should be good to go into the QF, he has Karlovic, Johansson, Berdych, Mathieu and Verdasco as potential opponents before that, players he usually beats.

Davydenko has a decent draw and should be headed for a QF. I think Bjorkman and Canas are his main threats. Murray is there too, but is far from any QF the way he’s been playing.
Blake has a tough draw, but if he can profit from being at home, he should be in a QF against Davydenko. He has Baghdatis, Haas, Becker and Querrey to name a few of his possible opponents. Means he needs to work hard.

I think that Nadal has, once again, been given a draw that is way tougher than Federer’s, but I think that he should take Tipsarevic, Tursunov, Nalbandian and Safin. He is way to confident to start losing to these guys. Besides, he actually is better.
I feel sorry for poor Novak. He has Mario Ancic in the 1st! Possibly Stepanek in 2nd!! Perhaps Del Potro in 3rd!! And maybe a hewitt who slaughtered him this time last year in 4th!! I think for him, that’s as far as he goes.

If there is one player who once again can surprise everyone, it is Youzhny. He made it to SF last year, who would have thought? He has no challenge that is very hard. Moya and Fish are the only one’s I think are in the way. And we know who made sure Nadal was nowhere near the final last year.

To sum it up, these are my early predictions (thinking no qualifiers will get there)
1st quarter: Federer, Roddick
2nd quarter: Davydenko, Blake (Baghdatis??)
3rd quarter: Youzhny, Hewitt (no Djokovic this time, sorry!!)
4th quarter: Nadal, Safin


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